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Sunday, 23 August 2015

It is right that minorities who don't like us, our values, country and culture should be told to F**K OFF!

There is some bad/offensive language used in this blog post, so you have been warned.

I was reading in the Express newspaper online, yesterday about how someone had put a Lord Kitchener inspired poster up in a Wetherspoons, informing those Muslims who didn't like our country and who wanted to live under Sharia Law to f**k off back to their monstrous shitholes where they came from. Link to article:

I have to say I think this poster was a brilliant idea and I completely agree with the sentiment of it. As some of you may know I have increasingly become very angry at the way the PC brigades forced (and failed) attempt to ram multiculturalism down our throats has escalated at pace over the last 15 years or more. I am sick to death of it. In all honesty what has multiculturalism really enhanced about this country, other than food which I can accept has been a big benefit. My answer would be absolutely nothing. All it has done, in my opinion, is ghettoise large parts of the country and turn them into shitholes. We have allowed in totally alien cultures that are rooted in primitive and barbaric practices: Forced marriage, honour killings, FGM, Halal slaughter and oppression of women - the burka should be banned in this country. Furthermore, these practices are not just exclusive to Asian societies, there have been other atrocities carried out by other ethnic groups who still want to carry out primitive cultural and abhorrent practices from their homelands. The torture and murder of Victoria Climbie springs to mind.  Additionally, it has also made us feel shame at our own culture and twisted things so badly that we feel afraid to express our own views, values and stand up for our own culture because we might be branded racist, or God forbid, offend a minority.  Although, strictly speaking that term racist  shouldn't be used if you challenge Muslims or Islam, because neither is technically a race, it is a religion. However, it is actually becoming more of a political movement than simply a religion, which helps to render the term of racism even more redundant. Be that as it may, I have started owning the term of racist if it has been levelled against me for my views and being proud of being called such. I have also been called a bigot, a little Englander, fascist and other assorted terms, all of which I've cheerfully accepted with a smile and said thank you to the assholes who have thrown them out at me.

I firmly believe that my culture, values, principles and ways of conducting our life are far superior than large sections of the Muslim (and other minority) communities. I will and must make a point here that not all Muslims (or other minorities) are bad and primitive, just as not all English people are good and right. There are Muslims out there who you might regard as very modern and have fully embraced western culture, values and ideas. These are the ones who I would argue have seen the light and also realised that as they have come to live in our country, it is only fair that they live as we do and integrate fully into our society. I applaud those people and welcome them. As I have said before, there is an old saying - when in Rome live as the Romans do.

Actually, this is the main point of the poster which inspired this blog. It doesn't say that ALL Muslims should leave. It simply (and rightly) points out that those who do not like this country, our values, our culture and who wish to live as they have/do in the middle east should go back there. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong, nor offensive about that. It is common sense and being proud of our indigenous culture and society. Again, I welcome anyone who wants to come here so long as they want to accept and assimilate our culture into how they live their lives. If they wish to live as Muslims and keep Islam as their faith and their cultural foundation, then they should go back to the middle east or another Islamist country.

For far too long this country has been far too tolerant and welcoming of other cultures, cultures who have no desire to integrate and assimilate fully into our western, liberal standards. Cultures who have no common ground with ours and whose practices are the absolute antithesis of ours. Consequently, because of the huge influx of migrants and people from such alien environments, this country has struggled to cope. Our communities are increasingly fractured, filled with bitterness, resentment and suspicion. Our infrastructure in terms of housing, schools and medical provision is at breaking point. Indeed, we have schools in parts of larger cities where English is relegated to sometimes only the fourth common language spoken. There are reports of Islamic faith schools who openly tell their students not to mix with us 'infidels' because we are unclean. Additionally, look at the abuse of young girls by Muslim gangs in towns like Rotherham, Rochdale et al and the Trojan horse scandal of schools in the Birmingham area. Furthermore, there are a number of videos on youtube (if they haven't been removed) showing English people in places like Birmingham being told to get out of certain neighbourhood by Asian men who patrol areas of the city to keep non Muslims out. I am told this also happens in Leicester, Bradford and other towns with a predominantly Asian majority.  Additionally, in  those cities and possibly a few others, it is possible to see signs proclaiming that this is a Sharia controlled area. Indeed, in Dewsbury which is in my neck of the woods, they have Sharia courts set up to deal with matters concerning Muslim people. I am sure this practice also happens in other cities and towns too.

This, to my mind, is totally wrong and needs to be stopped and dismantled. Communities who wish for that sort of thing need to be told point blank to f**k off. Again, I say if that makes me a bigot, a racist, a supremacist or any other derogatory term you wish to throw at me, I am happy to own it and say, yes I am and you know what? I am proud to be any and all of those things, because I believe that that sort of thing is abhorrent, multiculturalism is wrong and it needs to be got rid of. I am proud of my country, its history, its values, its democracy and my culture. I am a proud nationalist and I actually think each country should have a singular dominant culture and if you go and live in that country you should be required to convert to that culture and assimilate into that way of life.
I salute the person who put that poster up in Wetherspoons, you were speaking for a great many pissed of English people who are tired of having to bend over and take it, who think the same as what was written on that poster but dare not say such things. Well, I am tired of having to keep quiet about things like that in case it offends anyone. I will say that if you are an immigrant here of whatever faith, creed or minority, or even if you were born here, but you do still hate this country, us English, our values, culture and want to live as they do in the middle east or elsewhere - bugger off back there then.

Incidentally, although yesterday people were allowed to comment on that story in The Express online and quite a few people did, who all seemed to agree with what was written on that poster, in no uncertain terms. I note that today it is not possible to add comment. That is also very wrong, we should NOT be afraid to offend people. It is time we started being far more vocal in our dislike of those practices that don't have any place in our English culture. And we certainly shouldn't feel ashamed of openly telling those minorities who don't like this country, our values, principles and people to FUCK OFF!


TonyF said...

Hi CC! Hope you are well. Hear Hear! Couldn't agree more. It's about time all religions were exposed as the wishful fantasy they are. Anyone committing any crime and using their warped theology as an excuse, should be given two choices. A, fuck off to a country with no decent morals, or B be executed, surely their non existent god will protect them?

cheeky chappy said...

Hiya Tony. I'm not too bad thanks and I hope you are doing well also. I agree with your point about religion. I'm more agnostic although I do not believe the Bible is the word of God. I think I'm more spiritual rather than religious.

I do like your comment about their God protecting them :) Surely, that would be the ultimate test of faith. However, I agree that those who openly hate our values and way of life whilst living here, Mr Chowdry springs instantly to mind, should be instantly thrown out and to hell with his human rights.