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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Pat Condell is absolutely right

I can't say or write this any better myself, so I'll let this gentleman sum up my thoughts in 6 minutes of excellence. Enjoy.

Monday, 7 September 2015

A few more thoughts on the migrant crisis

A few more thoughts on the migrant crisis.

Firstly, I am absolutely disgusted to hear that the surrounding Arab/Muslim countries have refused point blank to help these refugees.  Thus far they haven't accepted a single refugee. That to me speaks volumes about how compassionate, united and open the Islamic faith really is. If these wealthy and large neighbouring countries can't and won't even help their fellow Muslims, what does that tell you about the religion of peace? The dark irony here is that if these refugees were allowed to settle in those countries it would be far easier for them to integrate into those societies, given that they share a similar culture, religion and values. Instead, the idiots over here have started another ill thought out, bleeding heart campaign, welcoming the migrants. As I mention in my last post, once these people leave the first safe country they come to, whilst fleeing the horrors in Syria, they are no longer refugees, they then become economic migrants. You may think that is cold and harsh, but it is a fact.
Peter Hitchens wrote an excellent article in his MOS column yesterday about the migrant crisis. As usual he hits the nail on the head with everything he has to say about it. He also echoes many of my fears about the impact that allowing several thousand more Muslims (possibly up to 40,000) will have on our communities, our schools, hospitals and housing. I believe he also talks about how this influx will help to weaken our own native culture and destroy our identity, and possibly help speed up the rate by which this country could soon be converted into a predominantly Muslim one. We must NEVER allow that to happen. I hate violence and confrontation nor am I condoning, encouraging or wishing for it. However, if it came to a civil war I would fight with everything I had to make sure this country was not taken over by the vile quasi-religious culture that is Islam. I make no apologies for wanting to protect my Anglo-Saxon, English values, cultures and democracy, which I strongly believe is far superior to that of Islam. Furthermore, in terms of security, the papers are today full of stories about how IS are bragging that they've used the cover of the migrants to secretly get lots (possibly thousands) of their sleeper agents/bombers into Europe. Now, granted, that may be all bluster and rubbish and I hope that it is. However, something tells me there is more than a grain of truth to those statements. If that does indeed prove to be the case Europe and Britain are in HUGE trouble. This is another reason why we should NOT be taking in anymore migrants until we have purged the middle-east of these nut jobs. As I said in my last post, I am not without sympathy for these poor people, but we must look after our own country first and protect our own people before helping anyone else. In this regard, I completely agree with Australia's stance on migrants. Yes it may be cold and harsh, but at least they have the balls and the guts to put their own country and people first. If only we had politicians with the stomach to do the same. 

Secondly, another interesting point that was made about this crisis, both by Peter Hitchens and by a few people I know who have recently travelled through Calais, is that the vast majority of the people who are coming across the Mediterranean and ending up in places like Calais are young men in their 20-30s. Many of them are also from Africa, not just Syria and Libya, but the rest of the continent. Now, call me cynical, but doesn't that further emphasis that this is far more about economic migration, than simply a refugee crisis? Of course the MSM and the bleeding heart liberals won't dare mention this as it doesn't fit their narrative. This just goes to prove the old saying that in war the first casualty is always the truth.

Finally, the last thing which has really disturbed me this weekend was when I saw the father of those two little drowned boys going back to the family home in Syria to show journalists around. Something about that struck me as terribly wrong. If things in Syria really are so bad and horrible with the civil war and IS breathing down your neck; so horrible that you rightly and understandably flee with your family to the safety of Turkey and then try and get into Europe, which results in the heartbreaking death of your children. Why on earth would you go back to the country you were fleeing from? To my mind, even if he is trying to show the world the horrors they were trying to escape, it still makes his children's' death a sham and a slap in their faces. In any case that idea doesn't work on me. To me if things are so bad (and I'm not saying they're not) you do NOT go back to Syria for ANY reason. I would argue that you don't sully the awful deaths of your children by going back to the hell hole you were desperate to flee from. There was just something about seeing that which didn't sit right with me and made me feel very uncomfortable. I'll leave it up to you, readers of this blog, to make up your own minds as to why the father decided to do that.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Thoughts on the refugee crisis

This refugee crisis is the direct result of our idiotic western politicians and their stupid vainglorious, misguided belief that you could bring democracy to a part of the world that is locked in a deep rooted, tribal and fundamentalist culture and has been since the 9th century.

Today in the Express newspaper, Anna Soubrey claims that this refugee crisis could have been avoided if we'd bombed Syria. God give me strength! Spare me from the idiotic and uneducated prattlings of deluded idiots.

No, Ms Soubrey, bombing Syria would have made this crisis worse you ignorant woman. This migrant/refugee crisis is the result of IS, which came about as a direct result of the much lauded, at the time, 'Arab Spring' in Libya, Syria Egypt et al. Those of us who know and understand that part of the world were all but screaming at those idiots over here who were basically dancing in the street and rejoicing at how wonderful it would be to finally have democracy in that part of the world.

No, democracy as we understand it can't and won't EVER be possible in the middle east because of the violent, tribal and deep rooted quasi religious cultural practices that have been going on nearly since the dawn of time. 98% of that part of the world adheres to a deeply fundamentalist version of Islam and it is the total antithesis of what we understand as democracy in the west. Ergo, it was NEVER going to work/happen. Again, those of us who know the history and culture of that part of the world could just see the void being filled by the more extremist elements, who had been waiting decades to finally seize power from the likes of Ghadafi and Assad. Ghadafi himself warned several years ago that without him in charge of Libya the hard-line, Islamist factions would swarm through his country and into Europe. How right he was. Now, in no way do I think he or Assad are/were good people; yes they are/were brutal dictators, but say what you like, both men kept those extremists at bay and held their countries together. Much like Saddam. However, these problems didn't start with the bombing of Iraq in 2003, these problems have been simmering under the surface for centuries. What we did was to remove the safety nets that had kept a lid on all this historical/cultural evil.

Our western, idiotic politicians are therefore partly to blame for this refugee crisis, we caused it by our own arrogance. We, blindly believed that a part of the world that is locked in primitive, tribal and cultural practices could free itself of that 9th century, fundamentalist dogma and embrace westernised values. What a sick joke!

If we had bombed Syria and overthrown Assad, IS would have completely taken over that country and the horrors and evil we hear about would be even worse. Again, it just shows how deluded and vainglorious our Westminster cretins really are. Give me strength!

The only way you are going to beat IS and I mean this very literally, is by deploying several million soldiers all at once (that goes for all the other countries too) and we need to go through the middle east and purge it of radicals. Then, here's the important bit, we (or more accurately America) need to adopt our old Colonial systems and governance and be prepared to run that part of the world for at least the next 30-50 years, following the models that we had when Britain was an empire (granted we can't do that anymore as we don't have the resources/money -  this is why America would have to do it)

That is the only way you will ever beat IS and bring relative peace to that part of the world. It must be completely purged of the evil of IS and then totally colonialised. Until we are prepared to go down that road, that part of the world will forever be a hell hole.

In addition, Britain should not be taking in anymore refugees. We are a relatively small island and our infrastructure can't cope. Cameron can claim all he likes that it will only be 4000, but once you back down and let them in, I can promise you there will be thousands flooding our country. Furthermore, in terms of security there could quite possibly be up to a thousand of those 4000 refugees who are IS sleeper agents. IS have threatened to use this tactic themselves, so I'm not being over dramatic. Plus, by importing more Muslims into our country and their higher birth rates we are arguably speeding up the rate at which this, alien, quasi-religious culture will take over this country. At the rate they are out breeding us, it could be as little as 30 years before us indigenous, white English become the minority and are ruled over by Islam, We should be fighting back and stopping this from happening, not taking in more of them. From that standpoint I totally agree with the Hungarian PM who doesn't want to take ANY migrants because he doesn't want his country infected by Islam. God for him, if only we had a PM with the balls to say things like that. Also, am I the only one who absolutely hates the sick, emotional blackmail that is being thrown at us by the spineless, bleeding-heart media?

Whilst I do have sympathy for those poor people who are fleeing God knows what horrors, and whilst I can accept that the blame for the destruction of their homelands does lay partly with us. If they are genuine refugees, you get to the first safe country and YOU STAY THERE; once you then decide to move on, as far as I'm concerned, you then become an economic migrant and are no longer a refugee. Harsh, maybe, but true. Now, whilst photos of dead children are heartbreaking and hard to take; who could not feel sadness for the little boy? That child's death is NOT our fault We should not be emotionally blackmailed into feeling bad that we don't want to take in swarms of these migrants. Something to keep in mind is that over many decades, since the second world war actually, Britain has taken in more genuine refugees than any other country in Europe, we've done our bit.

Yes, I feel sorry for these people but our country is at breaking point. We have a housing shortage, countless people using food-banks, elderly and disabled people being forced out of their homes, having their benefits cut. Charity begins at home and until we have sorted our own people out and sorted this mess of a country out, we should not be allowing more immigrants in. I will not be made to feel shame and neither should anyone else in this country. We in Europe are doing a great deal to set up camps in other middle-eastern countries. These camps might not be great, but they are safe and the refugees are being looked after. As far as I'm concerned that is enough and if we REALLY want to help these people we need to purge the middle-east of IS and then reintroduce complete colonialisation for at least 50 years.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

It is right that minorities who don't like us, our values, country and culture should be told to F**K OFF!

There is some bad/offensive language used in this blog post, so you have been warned.

I was reading in the Express newspaper online, yesterday about how someone had put a Lord Kitchener inspired poster up in a Wetherspoons, informing those Muslims who didn't like our country and who wanted to live under Sharia Law to f**k off back to their monstrous shitholes where they came from. Link to article:

I have to say I think this poster was a brilliant idea and I completely agree with the sentiment of it. As some of you may know I have increasingly become very angry at the way the PC brigades forced (and failed) attempt to ram multiculturalism down our throats has escalated at pace over the last 15 years or more. I am sick to death of it. In all honesty what has multiculturalism really enhanced about this country, other than food which I can accept has been a big benefit. My answer would be absolutely nothing. All it has done, in my opinion, is ghettoise large parts of the country and turn them into shitholes. We have allowed in totally alien cultures that are rooted in primitive and barbaric practices: Forced marriage, honour killings, FGM, Halal slaughter and oppression of women - the burka should be banned in this country. Furthermore, these practices are not just exclusive to Asian societies, there have been other atrocities carried out by other ethnic groups who still want to carry out primitive cultural and abhorrent practices from their homelands. The torture and murder of Victoria Climbie springs to mind.  Additionally, it has also made us feel shame at our own culture and twisted things so badly that we feel afraid to express our own views, values and stand up for our own culture because we might be branded racist, or God forbid, offend a minority.  Although, strictly speaking that term racist  shouldn't be used if you challenge Muslims or Islam, because neither is technically a race, it is a religion. However, it is actually becoming more of a political movement than simply a religion, which helps to render the term of racism even more redundant. Be that as it may, I have started owning the term of racist if it has been levelled against me for my views and being proud of being called such. I have also been called a bigot, a little Englander, fascist and other assorted terms, all of which I've cheerfully accepted with a smile and said thank you to the assholes who have thrown them out at me.

I firmly believe that my culture, values, principles and ways of conducting our life are far superior than large sections of the Muslim (and other minority) communities. I will and must make a point here that not all Muslims (or other minorities) are bad and primitive, just as not all English people are good and right. There are Muslims out there who you might regard as very modern and have fully embraced western culture, values and ideas. These are the ones who I would argue have seen the light and also realised that as they have come to live in our country, it is only fair that they live as we do and integrate fully into our society. I applaud those people and welcome them. As I have said before, there is an old saying - when in Rome live as the Romans do.

Actually, this is the main point of the poster which inspired this blog. It doesn't say that ALL Muslims should leave. It simply (and rightly) points out that those who do not like this country, our values, our culture and who wish to live as they have/do in the middle east should go back there. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong, nor offensive about that. It is common sense and being proud of our indigenous culture and society. Again, I welcome anyone who wants to come here so long as they want to accept and assimilate our culture into how they live their lives. If they wish to live as Muslims and keep Islam as their faith and their cultural foundation, then they should go back to the middle east or another Islamist country.

For far too long this country has been far too tolerant and welcoming of other cultures, cultures who have no desire to integrate and assimilate fully into our western, liberal standards. Cultures who have no common ground with ours and whose practices are the absolute antithesis of ours. Consequently, because of the huge influx of migrants and people from such alien environments, this country has struggled to cope. Our communities are increasingly fractured, filled with bitterness, resentment and suspicion. Our infrastructure in terms of housing, schools and medical provision is at breaking point. Indeed, we have schools in parts of larger cities where English is relegated to sometimes only the fourth common language spoken. There are reports of Islamic faith schools who openly tell their students not to mix with us 'infidels' because we are unclean. Additionally, look at the abuse of young girls by Muslim gangs in towns like Rotherham, Rochdale et al and the Trojan horse scandal of schools in the Birmingham area. Furthermore, there are a number of videos on youtube (if they haven't been removed) showing English people in places like Birmingham being told to get out of certain neighbourhood by Asian men who patrol areas of the city to keep non Muslims out. I am told this also happens in Leicester, Bradford and other towns with a predominantly Asian majority.  Additionally, in  those cities and possibly a few others, it is possible to see signs proclaiming that this is a Sharia controlled area. Indeed, in Dewsbury which is in my neck of the woods, they have Sharia courts set up to deal with matters concerning Muslim people. I am sure this practice also happens in other cities and towns too.

This, to my mind, is totally wrong and needs to be stopped and dismantled. Communities who wish for that sort of thing need to be told point blank to f**k off. Again, I say if that makes me a bigot, a racist, a supremacist or any other derogatory term you wish to throw at me, I am happy to own it and say, yes I am and you know what? I am proud to be any and all of those things, because I believe that that sort of thing is abhorrent, multiculturalism is wrong and it needs to be got rid of. I am proud of my country, its history, its values, its democracy and my culture. I am a proud nationalist and I actually think each country should have a singular dominant culture and if you go and live in that country you should be required to convert to that culture and assimilate into that way of life.
I salute the person who put that poster up in Wetherspoons, you were speaking for a great many pissed of English people who are tired of having to bend over and take it, who think the same as what was written on that poster but dare not say such things. Well, I am tired of having to keep quiet about things like that in case it offends anyone. I will say that if you are an immigrant here of whatever faith, creed or minority, or even if you were born here, but you do still hate this country, us English, our values, culture and want to live as they do in the middle east or elsewhere - bugger off back there then.

Incidentally, although yesterday people were allowed to comment on that story in The Express online and quite a few people did, who all seemed to agree with what was written on that poster, in no uncertain terms. I note that today it is not possible to add comment. That is also very wrong, we should NOT be afraid to offend people. It is time we started being far more vocal in our dislike of those practices that don't have any place in our English culture. And we certainly shouldn't feel ashamed of openly telling those minorities who don't like this country, our values, principles and people to FUCK OFF!

Friday, 21 August 2015

A few thoughts on Jeremy Corbyn

Probably like many of you, I have been watching the Labour Party leadership race with keen interest. Now, although I am NOT a Labour supporter and think of myself as being right-wing, I do find myself being drawn to Jeremy Corbyn.

I know you'll probably find that strange and hard to understand given that he is my political polar opposite. However, what I admire and respect about him is the fact that he is not trying to go for the centre-ground. He is not cut from the modern political cloth of being all spin and no substance; party before country and self before party. He actually (from what I can see from all that I've heard and read) has those old fashioned, now deeply hated by modern politicians, things called principles and a strong set of beliefs. Rather than trying to gain power at any cost by appealing to the middle ground; he has firmly set out his stall and drawn clear lines. He doesn't flip flop from one focus group to the next or make a stunning number of U-turns (Andy Burnham is your man for that.) He simply says this is me, these are my policies, these are the things I believe in. If you like what you hear vote for me, if not don't.

That's another thing; the guy actually has clear, radical policies. Granted, this is where I part company from him because as much as I wish his policies would work, they are simply not practical. I love his ideas about renationalising services and utilities, about re-industrialising the north by opening up the pits and steel works and factories (oh how I wish that idea could be achieved). Unfortunately, these ideas have been costed at around 100 billion pounds. No way on earth can we afford that. Also, given that the EU has made nationalising utilities all but illegal, it simply can't be done while we remain locked in the EU. He may be a radical and open to the idea of a referendum on the EU, but I think (God forbid) if he ever did become PM that kind of democracy, which is still the antithesis of Labour and its belief in big state control, would be quickly snuffed out. In short, I admire Mr Corbyn's honesty and his principles. However, I think his ideas and policies - though well intentioned - are totally bonkers and not in the least achievable. I have written before about why socialism can't ever work so I'm not going to go into that here. However, all I will say is that Corbyn's brand of socialism would scare away the wealth creators with his level of taxes and the amount of borrowing that would need to be done would basically kill this country.

The other aspect that I have enjoyed throughout this leadership contest has been the likes of Blair and Mandleson et al, trying their damndest to throw Corbyn off track. As my friend Rach pointed out to me today. These idiots don't get the fact that the more they intervene the more likely people are to vote for Corbyn. She is absolutely spot on. Actually she should be writing her own blog, which would be amazing and brilliant to read, but oh well :) However, back to topic. The issue there is that the ex heavy weights of the New Labour project just cannot comprehend why their brand of politics is now so toxic to people. Although, I suspect that this is largely because they never gave a rat's ass for the people to begin with. To them what mattered most was gaining power by any means possible and holding onto it. You see that's the problem with centre-ground politics. It hides behind seemingly noble sayings like trying to be a broad church, a politics for everyone, where every view is important and everybody can feel they have a stake in society. In reality this is pure spin, style over substance and completely hollow and empty. Being stuck in the centre is the best method there is to enable a party to dupe people into voting for them, but it doesn't give you any room to move so that you can take radical policy decisions to REALLY sort out the country. Basically Blair's 'third way' politics was just there for political elites to feather their own nests and screw the British people. In addition, as Blair et al have pointed out (perhaps fairly) if people vote Jeremy for Leader of Labour, it is highly unlikely that Labour will get elected. However, what is the point of having a Labour party as we had for 13 years, in power who are Tory-lite and are only interested in looking after the elites? There is none. I would much rather have a principled, honest and true working class Labour party, out of power and in perpetual opposition than have them sell their principles and values just to win power. After 13 years of Labour and 5 years of the 'heir to Blair', Cameron, people are understandably excited by a fresh kind of politics (although not fresh to anyone who is 35 and older). A politics of clear direction and seeming honesty. Dare I say a politics of substance over spin?


The other thing to keep in mind with every attack that is launched on Jeremy from the likes of Blair et al. If they are trying to attack you, you must be doing something right.

In addition, the other leadership contenders are all firmly shackled (to varying degrees) to the New Labour project and so can't and don't offer anything new. As far as I can tell, other than a few watered down versions of Corbyn's ideas the others have no policies for what they would do as leader. Again, people are waking up to this and they don't want wishy-washy, vague, spin, focus group led politicians. I firmly believe that the other candidates have been caught totally unprepared for the phenomena that is sweeping through the traditional Labour supporters of this country. The voting public are gradually realising what a meaningless, vacuous empty shell centre-ground politics is and they (quite rightly and reasonably) want a Labour party that stands up for the working class and goes back to being true to its historical principles. Interestingly, what this reaction from traditional Labour supporters has also highlighted is just how undemocratic the New Labour project actually was. It has turned the spotlight firmly on its vile singular goal of gaining power at any cost and holding onto it. Again, this is evident because of the Labour elites being horrified that the voting public look set to put in a leader who is not one of the club and who has a totally different ethos to politics than they do. Sorry, but that is democracy. It's about power being given to the mass rather than a small group of elites and the elites within Labour are shitting themselves. Personally, that gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure. I had to laugh when one such elite seriously suggested that even if Corbyn wins the leadership race, he should be instantly removed, hahahaha. In a nutshell, that neatly encompasses exactly how New Labour viewed the British people and why these disgusting, slimy bastards should be hounded out and thrown into a shit pit. This is yet another reason why I hope Jeremy wins, because if he does I believe he will kick out the scum who brought about New Labour and actually go some way towards setting right some of the horrible things they did to this country whilst in power.

For those several reasons alone, I wish Jeremy Corbyn well and I hope he wins the election to become leader of Labour.

Monday, 8 June 2015

The realisation of the con job Cameron pulled on the British sheeple has just hit home.

I have to admit I've been laughing myself silly over the last couple of weeks at how disgusted people are with how much back peddling David Cameron has done since winning the election. Just one month in and he has already gone back on his word about getting rid of/reforming the Human Rights act; then, just today, threatening his ministers to vote with him on accepting ANY new EU deal or resign.

Dear sheeple, who believed all the negative GE campaigning and swallowed all the rubbish and over exaggerated promises made, TOLD YOU SO! Not that that actually helps the country now. We are all stuck with this cretin and his weak and pathetic government. I must admit, the morning after the election I have rarely felt such anger and bitterness towards my fellow countrymen (UKIP voters excluded). We had the perfect chance to change things and to take the country in a new more positive 'common sense' direction, but, as usual, we caved in and bottled it. That is the one HUGE flaw in our cultural make-up. Our stoic, stiff upper lip, don't take a chance mentality has stopped us time and time again from breaking free of the shackles that have held us captive since the war. It's exactly the same mentality that keeps abused wives/girlfriends going back to their abuser, just so they can give them 'one more chance'. The results are always the same, more abuse, more suffering and hardship. As far as I'm concerned the only true saying in politics is this one: 'The people always get the politicians and the governments they deserve.'

For those of you who are wise enough to read Peter Hitchens' column in the Mail On Sunday, he had been saying for months (actually years) that the Conservatives weren't real Conservatives anymore and that Cameron as the 'heir to Blair' was exactly that, a wet, liberal progressive who whole heartedly agreed with Blair's policies and political direction. Mr. Hitchens also correctly pointed out that all the pledges and fanciful promises made before the election were done precisely because the Tories never expected to win an outright majority - indeed, they probably didn't expect to win at all. The look of shock and dumbfounded surprise on the faces of Dave and Gideon the morning after told the real story.

The thing which has REALLY made me laugh though, was talking to some true die hard Torries, pre election, who firmly believd that Dave couldn't enact true Conservative policies because he was shackled to the Libdems. However, with this ultimatum today, he has once and for all shown his true liberal progressive colours and completely killed any possible doubt that he has any real Conservative leanings. I just know that the Conservative supporters I spoke to previously, will be spitting feathers and asking for blood pressure pills today. Oh there are non so blind as them who will not see.

Also, regarding Cameron's promise to get Britain a better deal and repatriate powers back from the EU. As I have said many times, he can't do that. The fundamental law of the EU is Acquis Communautaire, which clearly states that once powers, control and sovereignty has been handed over to the EU, that can't be handed back, renegotiated or repatriated unless the member state enacts article 50 of the treats and completely leaves the EU. Also, with the considerable and fundamentally deep rooted changes Cameron is seeking from the EU; it would require ALL members sates to vote on them and accept them. That would be like turkeys voting to have three Christmases a year - will NEVER happen. Therefore, all of the waffle coming from Cameron is pure spin and bullshit. In any case, Cameron is so pro EU there is absolutely NO WAY he wants us to leave. Any little bits he can get (which will be meaningless) from the EU will be lauded as a HUGE victory and spun as a great deal for Britain and then his party will be forced to accept that and fight tooth and nail to keep us shackled to another (even more powerful) abuser.

I just pray that after being so badly screwed in only a month, the sheeple of this pathetic island will for once vote NO in the referendum and get us out of the stinking, undemocratic, federalist, shit-pit that is the EU.
You've been fooled once, DON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Labour's Education Minister wants to re-educate you.....Be Afraid!

As the Election lumbers on with only a few days to go; I was watching the Daily Politics election debates on education the other day. The first thing that struck me was again how biased the BBC's  Andrew Neil was when it came to giving air time and space to talk to the party representatives. Both UKIP and The Greens were basically pushed to the sidelines, whilst the other 3 parties were given loads of time to prattle on with basically the same policies. To be bluntly honest I can't really remember what the Lib/Lab/Cons were wittering about because it's essentially the same crap they have been spouting for decades. I was particularly scared when Labour's education representative, Mr. Hunt said (albeit tongue-in-cheek to Andrew Neil) "Labour will re-educate you, Andrew." Shudder! We had 13 years of Labour's vision of Education, Education, Education and it was a hollow, data driven, politically dogmatic indoctrination of our young people.

As I have made very clear in other blog posts, I am a supporter of UKIP. I think they represent real and genuine positive change for this country. They (at least for the moment) don't come across as a slightly red or blue shade of vanilla. They tell things how they are and they are saying the things that lots of my friends, family, and England in general, have been saying for a LONG time. Granted, to the progressive, leftie-liberal, PC brigade they may sound racist and an anathema to their multi-cultural, morally relativist, utopian and metropolitan wet dream. However, these are the people who have insulated themselves from the harsh realities of life in modern Britain. These wet-ends are not the ones who have had to watch their cities change completely as more immigrants swamp them, making things incredibly difficult for a village, town or city's infrastructure and essential services to cope with. I am always aware of the words of Andrew Neather, advisor to Tony Blair, who published memos several years ago, which clearly showed that Labour deliberately and callously threw open the doors to uncontrolled mass immigration because they wanted to change the cultural and societal landscape of this country; in order to simply 'rub the right's nose in diversity and make their arguments redundant.' For that betrayal alone, Labour and their warped, failed ideology and corrupt dogma should NEVER be given the keys to Number 10.

However, I digress.

As a now ex teacher/lecturer I have seen firsthand the incredible damage that both Labour and the Conservatives have done to our education system, with their stupid fantasies about the benefits of an egalitarian one size fits all approach. To my mind, their dangerous meddling and inability to see that the comprehensive model of education simply does not work, is essentially child abuse. They have stolen opportunities and chances from generations of children, whose parents can't afford to send their kids to private schools, or move house to get into the catchment areas of good schools. Ask yourselves this question: If their education policies have worked so well and improved the lives of children for generations, why do politicians virtually always send their kids to private schools instead of even the good/outstanding comprehensive schools in their own constituency? Indeed, as was waspishly pointed out by Andrew Neil, all three representatives of Lib/Lab/Con in this debate had been privately educated and gone to top universities. They waffled some meaningless guff about this and moved on quickly. Often you have to look at what these idiots don't say, or how they act in tricky situations to get a real picture of where they are coming from, rather than the vague, wordy, spun out 'on message' drivel they come out with.

The answer is simple. Politicians know full well that the education available for the masses of this country is fucking shit. It has been dumb down and raped of practically any worth. Schools don't really teach children anything nowadays, at least not in the way that we think of teaching. All they do is put kids on an assembly line in a great exam factory, fill them full of things they need to pass exams and make sure that the school can get an acceptable A-C pass rate and have great looking data for Ofstead and league tables. God help any child if they are not academic and not able to contribute towards those A-C grades. My job for four years was working with pupils like that who weren't academically inclined and who struggled like crazy with reading and writing and so couldn't engage with the narrow and biased curriculum. On a practical level, they could have run rings round me when it came to sports or trade based work. However, those things are frowned upon in this country and are treated like the bastard child of education. Consequently, there is so little provision available for students like that. In my experience, it is only when they get to year 10, have been totally turned off by school, got a reputation for disrupting lessons (because they are so bored with academic stuff and can't understand it) that they are begrudgingly found a place at a local F.E college and allowed to go and do trade subjects. Where, lo and behold, they flourish and end up doing really well.

This has been our problem since the 60s, when schools were hijacked by trendy leftie progressives with their idiotic views about how humans and societies were basically a collective and stopped seeing humans as individuals with different skills, abilities and needs. And began promoting the need for a completely comprehensive model of education. Actually, to be fair, Marx himself realised this and knew that society wasn't totally collective. However, this piece of common sense is largely ignored and frowned upon by Frankfurt school, 'Common Purpose' idiots.

Therefore, as a result of our own snobby ignorance and a refusal to accept that different types of learners require different types of schools and education, we have condemned scores of highly practical children to five wasted years of torture, wasting their talents and abilities and just for an added bit of fun, made them feel useless, pathetic, thick and worthless. Great job.

Furthermore, when there are deep, vested interests, these powers that be will cling onto their failed, corrupt and broken ideologies/systems and fight to protect them. The way they do that now is by using meaningless stats and data about pass rates in G.C.S.E exams to back up their claims that we have one of the best education systems in the world. They will tell you how the exam success shows that our young people are getting a great education and that they are able to compete with children all over the world....Trust me, they are not and they can't!

Mind you anyone with some common sense can see the reality is not like that at all. We get countless stories from employers who say that when they try and take our young people on, they can hardly read, write or use basic maths skills. They complain, that our young people don't have a depth of knowledge or a good enough understanding of skills to function in most workplaces. As I mention above, this is because in schools we rarely teach children these skills or equip them with the required knowledge because 90% of the focus is simply on passing worthless, dumb down exams. It is a disgrace.

This is why I support UKIP because they are the only party with the balls to want to smash through all this progressive bullshit and want to bring back selection by ability and want to challenge our snobby belief that only academic qualifications count. They are following Germany's approach to education. In Germany (I know this because I have friends who teach over there) they have basically always believed that different types of learners need different schools and that selection by ability is the best way to bring out the abilities of their young people. However, unlike us and our pompous bias towards academic subjects at the cost of vocational trades - which is what created a very unfair and unbalanced two tier education system in this country from the 1940s until the 70s - Germany spends vast sums of money ensuring that all types of education and schools get the best equipment, teachers and facilities. That is the vital difference. It is this ethos that UKIP are seeking to copy and I know that if they succeed it will improve the education system in this country beyond belief.

That is the key reason that I support UKIP. They are the only party, who have a genuine idea how to improve the education for our young people. Selection by ability and having different school for different children is the best way to improve things. The other three parties hate this idea and won't even consider it. However, just remember that although they are happy for things to stay the same and for your children to attend crappy schools, if you don't happen to live in a good catchment area. They have the money and the connections to get their children into the best schools in the country. That is the worst kind of hypocrisy and I hate them for it. They are scum!