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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Teacher banned from teaching for kissing an 18 year old ADULT student. It's the Nanny State gone mad

So a teacher has been banned from teaching for life for kissing an 18 year old student at a leavers' party. Good grief!

Yes, ok, Ruth Vaughn also had sex with the lad during his second week at uni, but so what?
I know this is a topic that polarises people one way or the other and in the midst of our paedophile obsessed culture this has stirred strong feelings. As a ex teacher/lecturer myself, I know all the rules and regs and let me firmly stress that I have NEVER engaged in sexual activity with any of my students and that I in no way condone or make excuses for paedophiles.

However, I do think it's time we started using some common sense in these matters. Yes, there are arguments about Ms. Vaughn being in a position of trust, but at the end of the day, the lad was 18, therefore, as far as I'm concerned that rule no longer applies. Furthermore, as the age of consent is 16, I think that is the age at which the rules about being in a position of trust should no longer apply. You can't have one rule for most of society and another rule for other sections. Although, I am tempted to put in the caveat that at 16 there should be no more than a 10 year age gap between the two CONSENTING parties.

Again, let me make it ABSOLUTELY clear that I would not support nor condone sexual activity with anyone (any child actually) under the age of 16. That is sick, evil and just totally vile. I hope I've made that clear. However, I do feel that from the age of 16 they are mature enough and able to make decisions about having sex for the first time. Hence why this is the age of consent

Having worked in a number of schools/colleges I can honestly say that very few 16 year olds are as innocent as we would like them to be. They know what the score is and they should not be treated as children. Trust me, 16 year old girls are nowhere near the gullible, sweet little lambs they are portrayed to be. I can't think of one that I've worked with who didn't know exactly what she was doing. Regularly, I saw them flirting very overtly with male teachers and I've heard many talking explicitly about what they would do to certain male teachers.....and believe me, they meant it.

However, in this specific case we are not talking about a 16 year old, but an 18 year old ADULT and a 24 year old woman. Regardless of the fact that he was still at school (albeit for another few days) he was legally an adult and at that point all they had done was share a kiss - so what? Big deal. Unfortunately, now because of our over protective nanny state society, Ms. Vaughn has been banned from teaching in Britain for life (although she can appeal this in 5 years time). I honestly think this is too harsh and it just demonstrates how silly and over reaching our rules and laws have become.

20/30 years ago it was quite common place for teachers to date and marry their sixth form students. Indeed I  heard of someone who did just that in his mid 20s and she was 18 - granted this was a long time ago, the guy is now in his 70s. Furthermore, when the head teacher found out that the pair were together, he invited this person for a 'chat' and tried to give the then young teacher advice on getting a mortgage together and setting up a home. In my opinion that is how it should still be. We should be using common sense in these matters. If both parties are over the age of consent (and it is mutually consenting) and certainly if they are both 18 and older, then it can't and shouldn't in anyway be thought of as abuse.

Absolutely, we must do all we can to stop CHILDREN being abused - God forbid nobody wants that. ( Again, let me state that I view anybody under 16 as a child). However, to sack someone and ban them from teaching for simply sharing a kiss with an 18 year old is simply stupid (the issue of being in a position of trust is simply immaterial.)

We all need to loosen up, use some common sense and live and let live.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Islington bans pork from all primary school menus. Give me strength!

Horrifying story from The Standard.

For goodness sake, stop this madness!

And surprise surprise, Islington is under the control of Labour. The party that thrust multiculturalism on us so they could 'rub the right's nose in diversity' seems ever more intent on pandering to our Muslim brothers. Stop it! It is still our fucking country. If they want to live here then they should have to live by our culture and values, not theirs.

The claim is that it costs too much to label and monitor which children are allowed to eat it and which aren't. No, it bloody well doesn't. You make it perfectly clear to parents of those religions who aren't allowd pork, that it will be served at those schools and if they don't like it, tough shit. They can always find another school.

Conversely, I wonder if halal/kosher meat is being served to non Muslim/Jewish children without them realising it?

We are far too soft in this country, we pander and bow down to other cultures and faiths at the expense of our own. I make no wonder large parts of London, Birmingham, Bradford et all are little more than segregated ghettos. How much longer before these places impose Sharia (if they haven't done so informally already) on those towns/cities?

It is wrong and our spineless politicians and ruling elites are stabbing white English/British people in the back and selling us out. It has to stop or in a matter of only a few years I would bet (though I hope I am proved wrong) there will be a civil war here. I am sick to death of this pathetic experiment in multiculturalism. It hasn't worked and it is destroying our once great country because of some failed, perverse ideological dogma.

I really hope UKIP storm through at the GE because if they don't I fear this country is lost.

The very best punishment for scumbags who abuse women and young girls

I was reading in The Express yesterday that 40% of young women have experienced sexual abuse at the hands of their boyfriends. That is a shocking, abhorrent and heartbreaking statistic. No women should EVER be abused. Personally, I hate any slug (I won't dignify them with the title of man) who would dare lay a finger on a woman in anger. You are vile, evil scum.

However, I think I have come up with the perfect punishment for such bastards. If convicted of abuse, either sexual, mental or physical, I would immediately have them given a HUGE dose of HRT and make them live the rest of their lives as a female.

In addition, I also think that, for the vile bastards who carried out those attacks on young girls in Rochdale, Oldham and Rotherham to be made to live as a woman would be the ultimate punishment :)

Just a thought.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

I hope the people of Rotherham remember how badly Labour have betrayed them at the next election

The issues facing Rotherham just seem to get worse. Last year it was revealed that  1,400 youngsters - mainly from troubled homes or children's homes -  had been abused by predatory gangs of Asian men,  between 1997 and 2013. A new report published yesterday has slammed the council and branded it 'not fit for purpose'. Consequently, this has forced the entire political leadership to resign.
The report states that: ' The council's culture is unhealthy: bullying, sexism, suppression and misplaced 'political correctness' have cemented its failures. The council is currently incapable of tackling its weaknesses, without a sustained intervention. '

I did blog about this at the time, but I had to remove my posts for personal reasons which I now regret.

However, some of you may recall that the overriding issue as to why this abuse had been allowed to happen and continue was because of the misplaced political ideology towards a drive for multiculturalism at any cost. Although certain brave individuals had tried to speak up and protect these vulnerable youngsters; they were beaten down and silenced because of the ethnicity of the scum that were committing these disgusting crimes and appallingly because of the status of the children who had come forward. Whichever way you shape it, it is a disgusting and shameful smear on the town. Again, though, the thing that made my blood boil was because of the Labour controlled council's dogmatic and blinded need to protect their warped ideological adherence to multiculturalism; rather than to protect the children of the town from these gangs mainly because of their ethnicity. I honestly can't find the words to express how angry that makes me.

I also know I said at the time and I still mean this; If the people of Rotherham vote in another Labour led council and MPs at the next election, they are as guilty of abusing those children as the gangs who carried out the attacks. I realise that the odds against such a thing happening are paper thin, given that Rotherham is a red rosette on a donkey town. However, I just hope that the good people there can see past their tribal loyalties and realise what a corrupt, politically blinded and warped ideology Labour offer. I also hope that this report, which clearly states that much of the council still suffers from that same corrupt, bullying and politically bankrupt mentality, will stay in their minds and stop them from blandly thinking, well that was back then, this lot have been different. Nope, it is still as pervasive within the town as it was for all those years.

As has been adequately demonstrated recently on various occasions; Labour's drive for multiculturalism has damn near destroyed this country. Their spineless kowtowing to cultures that are still rooted in primitive, barbaric and medieval beliefs at the expense of our indigenous culture has not created unity, it has segregated us even more, until we feel we are in the wrong for wanting to express our own beliefs and cultural practices. Let me also add here that David Cameron's weak and pathetic shame of a conservative party are no better. The heir to Blair has indeed carried on his master's work.

Anyone who votes for one of the three-in-one main political parties (especially Labour) at the next election is voting to destroy our country and wipe our culture, history and values off the face of the earth.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Nigel Farage has been caught out......TELLING THE UNPALATABLE TRUTH!.......(Warning offensive language used in this post)

So Nigel Farage has been criticised for some of his comments about multiculturalism and a 'fifth column' that potentially seeks to do us, in Britain, harm in the wake of the Paris tragedy. In my experience, when the three main parties gang up on someone to condemn them, it is invariably a sign that the person who made the comments is telling the truth. Truth can often be very unpalatable and hard to accept, nevertheless it is still truth.

Over the last decade we have had numerous examples of this failed experiment in forced multiculturalism and the chaos and havoc it brings to a relatively settled and unified society. Let me list a few of the ones that stand out to me:  Victoria Climbie (2000), 7/7 attacks in London (2005), London riots (2011), The sexual abuse and exploitation of young girls in Rochdale, Oldham and Rotherham (2013/14) Birmingham Trojan horse schools scandal (2014). These are all perfect examples of what happens when you allow uncontrolled immigration into a small country and you have totally incompatible cultures, customs and values trying to co-exist.  In that regard, Mr. Farage's comments are absolutely correct, I'm afraid.

I'm not saying that we should have no multiculturalism in this country, far from it. However, for it to work it has to be kept to a minimum. I think that an absolute maximum percentage of around 10 -15% of a countries population should be made up of ethnic minorities. Furthermore, they should only be allowed in if they have highly valuable skills and abilities that can be of benefit to a host country. Finally, the host country should ensure that the immigrants' cultural beliefs and values are a match with the host country. For example, I would not allow in anyone who believed in, nor wanted Sharia Law, thought and treated women as inferior or whose cultural beliefs were rooted around witchcraft and superstition (such as in the Climbie case). These types of dogmatic, primitive and undemocratic cultural values and beliefs are the total antithesis of our native, English values. They are and always will be totally incompatible. It is like oil and water, they will never mix.

As the saying goes 'the chickens have come home to roost.' I personally hold Lib/Lab/Con responsible for the above examples of abuse over the last decade. However, more specifically, I place at least 80% of the blame at Labour's door. Andrew Neather's comments about opening the gates to mass immigration to 'rub the right's nose in diversity' have, over the last few days, haunted me. My biggest fear is that unless something is done VERY soon, I believe that within 10 - 15 years this country will find itself in an all out religious and cultural civil war. If we had strong leaders with a genuine passion and love for their country, who wanted the traditional, native values, beliefs and culture to be dominant, then and only then might this approaching atrocity be diverted. Instead, what we have had for decades is wishy-washy, centre ground, try to be all things to all people leaders and parties, whose only concern has been to get through the doors of No. 10. Their only priority has been to obtain power at any cost, without having genuine principals, a clear and brave moral direction or a willingness to put country before party or their own ambitions. Career politicians along with progressive, dogmatic, civil service apparatchiks have all but destroyed this country.

Nigel Farage is spot on; there is a 'fifth column' of vermin living in this country, who hold British passports, but who hate us and want to destroy us and our culture. As I have said in previous posts; multiculturalism hasn't worked and if we continue to listen to the lies and spin of our three in one political party, who try to con us that it is a good thing, we will all become targets for these people with their outdated, barbaric and oppressive views. The time to act is now. The truth is hard to take sometimes and it is very unpalatable for those who hold vested interests. However, we must be brave and demand truth and be honest. We must demand that the numbers of immigrants coming here are drastically reduced and that those who come are willing to integrate and adopt our culture and values. If they don't want that we need leaders who have the balls to kick them out. It is time to take a stand and tell those who wish to wrong us and destroy us to FUCK OFF!

Islamic fundamentalism and its supporters must be eradicated from this country, we must not be afraid of them. Disgustingly our liberal, kowtowing media constantly try and tell us that these attacks are the work of a small, disturbed minority and that their actions don't represent those of most Muslims or Islam....Really? I would argue that this is done to try and hide the truth from us and to maintain the illusion of multiculturalism. Just like the good and brave would be whistle-blowers in Rotherham and Oldham et al were silenced and prevented from exposing the abuse of young girls because the councils/authorities were locked into a dogmatic ideology, that had to be maintained at any cost. Those actions by the authorities were just as vile as the actions of the abusers and in my opinion they should be put on trial and jailed.

As I have already said, if we don't take a stand now and fight for our country and our traditional values and culture, we will be overrun and become victims of radical Islam and its oppressive and medieval beliefs. I don't want that, do you?

P.S, I'll start believing that there are moderate and open-minded Muslims, who genuinely denounce the violence that is done in the name of Islam, when we see large groups of them coming out in solidarity with us and France; proudly holding up the Charlie Hebdo cartoon which mocked their prophet. That would show real unity and also that Islam can tolerate freedom of expression through being examined, questioned and mocked ....I bet it won't happen.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Mohammed is apparently the most popular boys name of 2014. Give me strength!

I note with a weary heart and a blackly comic outlook that Mohammed is the most popular boys name in Britain for 2014. I fear it is almost time to weep for our nearly lost country. I do not want my country to be taken over by islamic/arabic people. Like it or not this is a Christian country and those values, cultures, names and customs should ALWAYS remain the dominant ones. I have always believed in the saying 'when in Rome live as the Romans do.' If you do not wish to live by our values, culture and customs, then feel free to bugger off somewhere else. If that seems racist I honestly don't give a damn. Enough is enough.

I also note from the following article

I am getting so bloody angry at all these PC, multiculturalist, bleeding heart, do-gooding apologists, who are collectively (and quite possibly deliberately) dilluting our intrinsic cultural traditions. Stop it! Again, if our traditional Christmas Nativity celebrations offends you, tough shit! Sharia Law and women being forced to cover their faces in public offends me in my own country. For goodness sake, stop bending over backwards to other ethnic and cultural minorities. I am disgusted by how cowardly and brow beaten this once great country is increasingly becoming, how ashamed and meek we are all encouraged to be. Well, I'm not ashamed; I'm proud of my country and its many cultural traditions. They should be the dominant ones and we should stop apologising for them. For goodness sake people grow some balls and stand up for what is right and if you get called a racist so bloody what? Accept it and own it so that the liberal left can't use it as a weapon to beat decent and proud people over the head with any longer. Stand up for what is right. Sorry for the rant but my tolerance for this kind of crap is basically non existant.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I agree with Mr. Weston. Although I would call myself a culturalist rather than a racist

I agree with everything this gentleman says, except where he describes himself as a racist. I've always been taught that to be a racist is to judge and hate people purely on the colour of their skin. I don't and would never do that because that is like someone judging me simply on my disability - I can't help that and I have no control over my condition.

I do, however, believe it is right to judge people on their cultural/religious beliefs and I do believe that some cultures are vastly superior to others. I would add here that not all Muslims are primitive and barbaric, a large number are very gentle, peaceful and open-minded. However, unquestionably, there are large sections of the Islamic faith whose cultural and religious beliefs/ideology are disgustingly barbaric, oppressive and belong back in the stoneage. And I, like Mr. Weston, also believe that the numbers of muslims who adhere to this warped, fundamentalist and disgusting interpretation of Islam are getting out of control and taking over this country. I too can sadly also see a time when this country will be thrown into civil war. It is time to stand up to the progressive, politically correct bullshit and be proud to be called a culturalist and/or even a racist. This is my country and my culture is superior to the primitive, oppressive and backwards looking version of Islam that is increasingly causing so many problems throughout the world.