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Monday, 7 September 2015

A few more thoughts on the migrant crisis

A few more thoughts on the migrant crisis.

Firstly, I am absolutely disgusted to hear that the surrounding Arab/Muslim countries have refused point blank to help these refugees.  Thus far they haven't accepted a single refugee. That to me speaks volumes about how compassionate, united and open the Islamic faith really is. If these wealthy and large neighbouring countries can't and won't even help their fellow Muslims, what does that tell you about the religion of peace? The dark irony here is that if these refugees were allowed to settle in those countries it would be far easier for them to integrate into those societies, given that they share a similar culture, religion and values. Instead, the idiots over here have started another ill thought out, bleeding heart campaign, welcoming the migrants. As I mention in my last post, once these people leave the first safe country they come to, whilst fleeing the horrors in Syria, they are no longer refugees, they then become economic migrants. You may think that is cold and harsh, but it is a fact.
Peter Hitchens wrote an excellent article in his MOS column yesterday about the migrant crisis. As usual he hits the nail on the head with everything he has to say about it. He also echoes many of my fears about the impact that allowing several thousand more Muslims (possibly up to 40,000) will have on our communities, our schools, hospitals and housing. I believe he also talks about how this influx will help to weaken our own native culture and destroy our identity, and possibly help speed up the rate by which this country could soon be converted into a predominantly Muslim one. We must NEVER allow that to happen. I hate violence and confrontation nor am I condoning, encouraging or wishing for it. However, if it came to a civil war I would fight with everything I had to make sure this country was not taken over by the vile quasi-religious culture that is Islam. I make no apologies for wanting to protect my Anglo-Saxon, English values, cultures and democracy, which I strongly believe is far superior to that of Islam. Furthermore, in terms of security, the papers are today full of stories about how IS are bragging that they've used the cover of the migrants to secretly get lots (possibly thousands) of their sleeper agents/bombers into Europe. Now, granted, that may be all bluster and rubbish and I hope that it is. However, something tells me there is more than a grain of truth to those statements. If that does indeed prove to be the case Europe and Britain are in HUGE trouble. This is another reason why we should NOT be taking in anymore migrants until we have purged the middle-east of these nut jobs. As I said in my last post, I am not without sympathy for these poor people, but we must look after our own country first and protect our own people before helping anyone else. In this regard, I completely agree with Australia's stance on migrants. Yes it may be cold and harsh, but at least they have the balls and the guts to put their own country and people first. If only we had politicians with the stomach to do the same. 

Secondly, another interesting point that was made about this crisis, both by Peter Hitchens and by a few people I know who have recently travelled through Calais, is that the vast majority of the people who are coming across the Mediterranean and ending up in places like Calais are young men in their 20-30s. Many of them are also from Africa, not just Syria and Libya, but the rest of the continent. Now, call me cynical, but doesn't that further emphasis that this is far more about economic migration, than simply a refugee crisis? Of course the MSM and the bleeding heart liberals won't dare mention this as it doesn't fit their narrative. This just goes to prove the old saying that in war the first casualty is always the truth.

Finally, the last thing which has really disturbed me this weekend was when I saw the father of those two little drowned boys going back to the family home in Syria to show journalists around. Something about that struck me as terribly wrong. If things in Syria really are so bad and horrible with the civil war and IS breathing down your neck; so horrible that you rightly and understandably flee with your family to the safety of Turkey and then try and get into Europe, which results in the heartbreaking death of your children. Why on earth would you go back to the country you were fleeing from? To my mind, even if he is trying to show the world the horrors they were trying to escape, it still makes his children's' death a sham and a slap in their faces. In any case that idea doesn't work on me. To me if things are so bad (and I'm not saying they're not) you do NOT go back to Syria for ANY reason. I would argue that you don't sully the awful deaths of your children by going back to the hell hole you were desperate to flee from. There was just something about seeing that which didn't sit right with me and made me feel very uncomfortable. I'll leave it up to you, readers of this blog, to make up your own minds as to why the father decided to do that.


TonyF said...

Hi CC!

Absolute spot on. I too have wondered why their wealthy neighbours haven't volunteered to take any on. Perhaps it's because they want to stay wealthy?

I would greet each incoming migrant with a bacon sandwich. If they need to come here they'll be starving and glad of it, if not they can bugger off back.

cheeky chappy said...

Hi Tony, love your ideas about greeting the migrants my friend lol. When the other Muslim countries aren't even helping their brothers it beggers belief!

It's high time we stopped being such a soft touch. We have enough problems of our own in this country without bringing in more. I'm sick of it. Mind you what chance have we got with Camoron in charge. The stupid sheeple who voted for him have a great deal to answer for.