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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Tories using censorship to hide the truth about arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Shocking video footage,

This shocking video has surfaced today of Amber Rudd (it would appear) passing a note to the chair of an election debate in her local town, when one of her rivals starts telling the truth about her dealings with banks and their involvement with selling arms to Saudi Arabia. The chair then proceeds to stop this gentleman from speaking. In effect censoring him and stopping him from speaking truth to the people listening. That can only ever be wrong and this information, this video of shocking censorship needs to be seen and spread as widely as possible.

I would advise everyone to read this information and watch the accompanying youtube video.

Given what happened last night in London, the only way to combat this terror is to shine the light of open transparency onto our own governments shady dealings. It's all very well for the PM to stand outside Downing Street and spout of strong rhetoric, but the truth is that our dealings with tyrannical and totalitarian regimes and the role that they play in bringing terror back to our shores needs to be fully understood and made widely known to the British people.

Again, I would strongly advise readers to look at the information provided in this link. Also, possibly of interest, this video has been tweeted over 100 times to leading journalists in the MSM and so far the response has been absolute silence, It would seem non of the MSM outlets have any desire to show this video.

Can you imagine how quickly it would have been picked up and shown around had it been Corbyn or a senior Labour figure doing this. Hypocrisy of the highest order.

Here is the link:

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