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Monday, 15 September 2014

Multiculturalism is to blame for the awful abuse of our children. It is time we told it to f**k off!

This blog post is dedicated to my very special friend, Rach, for all her support, encouragement, warmth, openness and also her patience for putting up with me for so many years. Also, largely because I’ve nicked one of her ideas I figured she should get a mention. So in lieu of a hot chocolate, Rach, this post is for you J

Additionally, please be advised that there will be some strong/offensive language used. Therefore, if easily offended or if you are a bleeding heart liberal I suggest you go away.

I’ll start by coming right out and say that I totally disagree with multiculturalism. It hasn’t worked and it has turned this country into a shit-pit. I also strongly believe that our western culture and democratic view is FAR superior to the backwards, primitive and oppressive culture held within much of the Islamic world. For the last 17 years – probably longer – we’ve had equality and diversity and positive discrimination rammed down our throats to the point whereby we were virtually brainwashed and cowered at the thought of having to point out problems and issues with certain (though granted not all) sections of our ethnic population. These issues which concern large sections of the Asian community that were not integrating into our society and who were/have ghettoised themselves throughout England could not be mentioned for fear of being labelled racist or bigoted. Well, although I used to consider myself a very tolerant and patient person, especially in my naive youth, I no longer have time for such bollocks. If people wish to label me a bigot I don’t give the proverbial flying fig.

Now, please don’t misunderstand I’m not saying that all Asians are bad and all white people are good, far from it. There are good and bad in every race, culture and creed. At university I had several good friends who were of Indian heritage and I was blessed to learn a little of their culture and experience their kindness, warmth and generosity. However, these friends were not closed minded, they were more than willing to integrate into our western culture and wanted to be part of it. As one friend used to tell me: “We’ve come to your country, we are your guests; therefore, if we don’t live as you do and embrace your way of living, we are being rude and disrespectful.” I appreciated his honesty and thought about how similar to the old saying of ‘when in Rome live as the Romans do’ this idea was.

In the last few years we’ve had so many reports of disgusting, vile and inhuman behaviour being perpetrated by some Muslims in Oldham and Rochdale, now also in Rotherham for over a decade – last week it emerged that a gang of Asian men sexually and physically abused a 13 year old girl for over a week in Bradford - to the shocking reports of Islamic extremists taking over control of several schools in the West Midlands. Furthermore, let us not forget the number of Muslims (both white and Asian) from this country who have gone off to fight for IS. The time has come to say enough is enough and to understand why these shocking and disgusting atrocities have been allowed to happen.

I would personally argue that the majority of this has happened because as Andrew Neather, the former adviser to Tony Blair, claimed Labour ministers wanted to “rub the right’s nose in diversity.” They threw open the doors and boarders to scores of people from all over the world, largely the Middle East and Europe, without putting the proper checks and balances in place or without a care as to what the impact on this country would be in terms of services, housing, culture or cohesion. These ministers, acting like spoilt, spiteful brats, pushed through their warped ideological wet dream, arguably to secure votes and bollocks to what the native people of this country thought.

So much for Labour being the party of the people, eh?

Tragically, this wishy washy liberal centre ground politics has been continued under Dave Cameron and Nick Clegg. Well, now finally, it has come back to bite them in the arse and they are totally fucking clueless how to handle it. Consequently, while these atrocities continue, it is the ordinary, hard working, decent people of this country who are left to suffer. This lefty progressive multicultural dogma has ripped and torn much of the fabric of this once great and tolerant nation asunder. Our national identity, our sovereignty, or home grown laws and principals have been raped and slaughtered on the altar of Political Correctness.  

With specific regard to the Rotherham case, perhaps one of the most shocking and disturbing aspects was when someone tried to raise very genuine and serious concerns about what was going on in the borough; this poor person, it is alleged, was basically shouted down, told to keep quiet and sent on an intensive diversity course. Jesus wept. I’m afraid that this speaks volumes about the culture, values and ideology of the Labour controlled council in Rotherham. In order to save face and make their multicultural utopia work, they would rather ignore the abuse of children and the honest concerns of their courageous workers/staff who valiantly tried to bring this awful abuse to light. Again principals and ethics sacrificed in favour of a fundamentally corrupt political ideology. I’m afraid this is often the way the left (and in many cases the right) work.
Personally, I know that part of Yorkshire very well and what concerns me even more is because of the politically and historical tribal nature of areas like Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley (which is often laughingly referred to as a  ‘Red Rosette on a Donkey territory’) the people of Rotherham will still vote Labour at the next General Election. That is a very real worry because if they can’t see how badly the Labour party has betrayed them and the children of the town and if they continue to vote Labour, I would argue that it is basically like condoning both the actions of the Asian gang and Labour, whilst at the same time asking for more of the same. I hope and pray that the voters of the town have enough sense to see what damage Labour have done to the country and give them a real kick in the nuts come election day. Although, the one true saying in politics is that the people get the politicians they deserve.

Now, I’m no lover of the B.N.P. I don’t support them or wish to endorse their views; however, this pains me greatly to admit this but they were the ones who were, in hindsight, trying to bring to our attention the fact that there were predatory Asian gangs preying on young girls. Indeed there was an undercover documentary filmed for BBC’s Panorama programme which, if memory serves, showed Nick Griffin discussing that very issue. The programme caused outrage at the time and Griffin and the B.N.P were kicked from pillar to post for such outlandish and vile propaganda. Oh dear, for once (and I’m saying it through gritted teeth) the B.N.P were right.

The other point I want to raise is the reason why multiculturalism can’t ever work, especially with specific regard to western and eastern cultures. Essentially, our western culture is based around freedom, democracy, equality and an individuals’ right to be and live as they want to. The Islamist culture is based largely around an unquestioning subservience to Islam - to challenge the Muslim faith is to incur the wrath of your family, community and spiritual leaders.  Very little critical, objective debate is tolerated. Also, the truth is that large parts of it are incredibly misogynistic and repressive especially where women are concerned. If you don’t believe me go to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan and see how women are treated there. It is disgusting. Having had a number of conversations with slightly more progressive Muslims and from various things that I’ve read and researched, the traditional Islamic faith does not want its followers to mix and integrate with other cultures so that they can’t become corrupted. In its more fundamental teachings (the most extreme case being that of IS) it sees its goal as one of domination and finding ways to convert as much of the world as it can. In my opinion (which under western, democratic society I am entitled to) Islam is an oppressive, primitive and backwards cult and in all honesty has no place in our society. I realise that creates a dichotomy and a contradiction for us in this country because we rightly pride ourselves on being tolerant and liberal. However, I believe our liberal tolerance can only go so far. Indeed, I would argue that we should stop welcoming in people who do not have or share the same liberal and democratic views as us. This brings us back to the old saying of when in Rome live as the Roman’s do. Furthermore, if you don’t like that, feel free to fuck off! Essentially our two cultures and ways of living are diametrically opposed and should NEVER have been forced to integrate. Let me also make it perfectly clear that although I have focused this post on Muslim culture the same goes for any culture that tries to oppress, control and refuses to integrate totally with our English values and way of life. Again, if you don’t like it, piss off.

What I have come to realise over the last year is that although I wouldn’t describe myself as a racist as I don’t judge people because of their skin colour, or simply on their race; I am willing to call myself a culturist. As I’ve mentioned, I have come to the conclusion that certain cultures are superior to others. It might be an uncomfortable fact but many cultures around the world are based around primitive, uneducated, undemocratic and oppressive ideologies. However, because of our increased belief in moral and ethical relativism we have become brainwashed into being afraid to say this out loud. Well I’m sick to death of that. It’s time the people of this country took to the streets and put an end to this progressive, P.C bleeding-heart bullshit that has wrecked this once great country. I want my country back. I want an end to multiculturalism and I want immigrants wishing to come to this country to live as we live, adopt our values, democracy and traditions or fuck off somewhere else!

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