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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I agree with Mr. Weston. Although I would call myself a culturalist rather than a racist

I agree with everything this gentleman says, except where he describes himself as a racist. I've always been taught that to be a racist is to judge and hate people purely on the colour of their skin. I don't and would never do that because that is like someone judging me simply on my disability - I can't help that and I have no control over my condition.

I do, however, believe it is right to judge people on their cultural/religious beliefs and I do believe that some cultures are vastly superior to others. I would add here that not all Muslims are primitive and barbaric, a large number are very gentle, peaceful and open-minded. However, unquestionably, there are large sections of the Islamic faith whose cultural and religious beliefs/ideology are disgustingly barbaric, oppressive and belong back in the stoneage. And I, like Mr. Weston, also believe that the numbers of muslims who adhere to this warped, fundamentalist and disgusting interpretation of Islam are getting out of control and taking over this country. I too can sadly also see a time when this country will be thrown into civil war. It is time to stand up to the progressive, politically correct bullshit and be proud to be called a culturalist and/or even a racist. This is my country and my culture is superior to the primitive, oppressive and backwards looking version of Islam that is increasingly causing so many problems throughout the world.

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