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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Mohammed is apparently the most popular boys name of 2014. Give me strength!

I note with a weary heart and a blackly comic outlook that Mohammed is the most popular boys name in Britain for 2014. I fear it is almost time to weep for our nearly lost country. I do not want my country to be taken over by islamic/arabic people. Like it or not this is a Christian country and those values, cultures, names and customs should ALWAYS remain the dominant ones. I have always believed in the saying 'when in Rome live as the Romans do.' If you do not wish to live by our values, culture and customs, then feel free to bugger off somewhere else. If that seems racist I honestly don't give a damn. Enough is enough.

I also note from the following article

I am getting so bloody angry at all these PC, multiculturalist, bleeding heart, do-gooding apologists, who are collectively (and quite possibly deliberately) dilluting our intrinsic cultural traditions. Stop it! Again, if our traditional Christmas Nativity celebrations offends you, tough shit! Sharia Law and women being forced to cover their faces in public offends me in my own country. For goodness sake, stop bending over backwards to other ethnic and cultural minorities. I am disgusted by how cowardly and brow beaten this once great country is increasingly becoming, how ashamed and meek we are all encouraged to be. Well, I'm not ashamed; I'm proud of my country and its many cultural traditions. They should be the dominant ones and we should stop apologising for them. For goodness sake people grow some balls and stand up for what is right and if you get called a racist so bloody what? Accept it and own it so that the liberal left can't use it as a weapon to beat decent and proud people over the head with any longer. Stand up for what is right. Sorry for the rant but my tolerance for this kind of crap is basically non existant.

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