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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Islington bans pork from all primary school menus. Give me strength!

Horrifying story from The Standard.

For goodness sake, stop this madness!

And surprise surprise, Islington is under the control of Labour. The party that thrust multiculturalism on us so they could 'rub the right's nose in diversity' seems ever more intent on pandering to our Muslim brothers. Stop it! It is still our fucking country. If they want to live here then they should have to live by our culture and values, not theirs.

The claim is that it costs too much to label and monitor which children are allowed to eat it and which aren't. No, it bloody well doesn't. You make it perfectly clear to parents of those religions who aren't allowd pork, that it will be served at those schools and if they don't like it, tough shit. They can always find another school.

Conversely, I wonder if halal/kosher meat is being served to non Muslim/Jewish children without them realising it?

We are far too soft in this country, we pander and bow down to other cultures and faiths at the expense of our own. I make no wonder large parts of London, Birmingham, Bradford et all are little more than segregated ghettos. How much longer before these places impose Sharia (if they haven't done so informally already) on those towns/cities?

It is wrong and our spineless politicians and ruling elites are stabbing white English/British people in the back and selling us out. It has to stop or in a matter of only a few years I would bet (though I hope I am proved wrong) there will be a civil war here. I am sick to death of this pathetic experiment in multiculturalism. It hasn't worked and it is destroying our once great country because of some failed, perverse ideological dogma.

I really hope UKIP storm through at the GE because if they don't I fear this country is lost.


TonyF said...

Hi CC!

Good point well presented.

Mustn't upset the minorities.

I don't see why we should pander to any fantasist. FFS if their sky pixie cannot stop them accidentally eating a pork product, it isn't either omnipresent or omniscient.

Have you noticed, their sky pixie doesn't do any zapping either, it relies on it's believers...

cheeky chappy said...

Hahahaha. Now that is an even better point made about sky pixies of different faiths. You do realise I'm probably going to pinch that one at some point. I'd never thought of it like that.

Thanks for that, Tony. I hope you're well. All the best

TonyF said...

Hi CC!

No worries, pinch away! It's something I have never understood this 'faith' thing. It's a bit like rednecks treasuring their ignorance on anything outside their tiny world. And being proud of being thick. Of course the other fantasists think they know better.

I reckon it all stems from the comforting lie. What happens when we die? I can categorically say: NO one knows. Nor has anyone come back from the dead...(Except as a comforting lie to a grieving friend).