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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

How to deal with the feckless underclass and stop them breeding

Aside from all the election nonsense that has now kicked into overdrive; one of the most interesting and perhaps worrying stories over the last week was that of Mike Holpin. The jobless, feckless person who has 40 children and has been named as Britain's worst father. Good grief!
In the past I wrote a great deal about the underclass scum and how you deal with them. I also still believe that in order to understand them, you have to practically get down in the gutter with them; then and only then can you truly appreciate the depravity and the level to which this small yet significant sub-set of human pond life have sunk.

As I used to say, these people, the real core of the underclass (not the ones on the periphery, but the real, rotten stinking core) can't EVER be helped and DON'T want to be helped. Nothing you do will benefit them or change them or make them into useful members of society. The ONLY way to stop this cancer from spreading through our society is to stop them breeding. Not cut child benefit, not put more resources into 'helping' them, not give them another social worker - stop them breeding. End of.
However, the first thing we as a society would need to do is to stop seeing having children as a 'right' but see children as a 'privilege'. Once you change that mindset you can then build on the premise that, like all privileges, they must first have to be earned. By earned I don't mean spend more time in the bedroom, I mean demonstrating first that you would make good, loving, supportive and committed parents before being allowed to have children.

My starting point for this belief came from experience of a family member who went through the arduous and challenging process of adoption. The hoops and criteria they had to jump through and pass to prove and demonstrate that they were the right sort of people for adopting a child was unimaginably difficult and pushed them to the very limit. Ultimately, this process proved beyond any shadow of doubt that they were exactly the sort of responsible, loving and dedicated parents suitable for adopting a child. Non but the most committed, strong, loving and serious could ever have passed those criteria. Thankfully, now, they are the loving, amazing parents to a beautiful little girl.

My point is that if we have those strict criteria in place for adoption, similar criteria should be placed on everyone who wants to have a child. They should have to earn the privilege of having children. If we had the guts to do that you would rule out ALL these feckless, scroungers, who just see children as a bit of fun and a potential cash cow. The reason being, that the really feckless, ner-do-wells wouldn't have the commitment, dedication, selflessness or even the motivation to pass all those criteria. It would be too much hard work for them. The irony being that - as my family members pointed out - no matter how hard those tests and criteria were to pass, they were nothing compared to how hard it is to actually raise, support and love a child properly. Hopefully, you get my point here.
At this stage, I realise there will be those screaming Nazi and totalitarian arsehole at the screen. Ask me if I give a chuff. I don't. I make absolutely no apologies for taking such a hardline, draconian approach.

I have experienced first-hand, countless times, the damage, pain, suffering and destruction of a child's life that can occur because of our progressive, morally relativist, bleeding heart dogma that has infected this country more and more since the 60s. Worse still I have heard horrendous, heartbreaking accounts from family and friends who work for social services. Accounts so disgusting and evil that I would give anything if I could have them eradicated from my mind.  So, if you think my views too extreme, too right-wing, tough shit. I am totally unapologetic and stand by them. You won't hear these views and solutions expressed by our politicians and our media, but I promise you this; if we did have the guts to go down this road, our society would be a hell of a lot better and we could stop a great deal of the suffering of unborn children, because they would no longer to be born to underclass scummy families.

So how would I achieve this?

1. Contraception would be compulsory from the age of 13/14 (and we also need to hurry up and develop a pill or contraceptive implant for males, too). Then, girls/women/men could be given the privilege of coming off contraception once they have signalled that they want to have a family and that they have passed a certain number of criteria. These criteria would be:

 2. A set level of educational attainment, probably A'Level and/or vocational equivalent and/or higher. This would do two things. First, it would at the very least give prospective parents an adequate level of education/skills/training to be able to find a decent job so that they could support themselves and their family. Secondly and more importantly, it would help to demonstrate that these prospective parents had a sense of delayed gratification and a certain level of 'stick-ability' which shows they can be committed and work hard for something. They are not just going to quit when things get difficult (vital for the pressures and stresses that a child brings)

3. Prospective parents must prove that they have been in a loving, supportive and committed relationship for a set number of years. Again, this demonstrates a high level of working towards a shared goal and a sense of delayed gratification. They aren't just going to split up once the pressures and stress kick in.

4. Prospective parents must have held down a job for a set number of years and can demonstrate that they are financially independent and can support themselves and their children without state handouts.
Once all these criteria had been met, then and only then could the contraceptives be removed and the couple could either have a child of their own or adopt.

Now, I hold my hands up and admit that this plan is not fool proof and could be open to abuse. Even with these strict criteria in place, children could still end up in abusive and unloving homes. Yes, true, I can agree with that. Nothing is ever going to be 100% successful. However, as I've argued, it would stop large numbers of innocent children being born to people who don't deserve to have such a wonderful and amazing gift as a child in their lives. It would certainly put off, these lazy, feckless good for nothing, underclass scumbags from fathering so many children and then all but destroying their lives and ruining that child's chances.

As totalitarian and draconian as this idea sounds, if it stopped children being born into such horrendous environments, then I'm all for it.

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