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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Libya migrants and a few thoughts on UKIP

This post is going to be a collection of my thoughts in relation to a number of recent social and political events. It does contain some bad language, so you have been warned.

First, regards the horrendous sinking of the migrant ship off the coast of Libya. No one who has a heart could fail to be moved by the images and pictures that emerged over the weekend. Those poor people fleeing persecution, torture and most probably death end up trapped on a sinking ship. It's almost beyond comprehension. God knows what they must have gone through, especially given the fact that it has emerged that IS are now slaughtering large numbers of prisoners on the beaches of Libya. God help us. I hope that Mr. Cameron feels deep, crippling pain at his decision to bomb Libya and help overthrow Gaddafi. It was his actions, along with our western allies and their lust for power, coupled with a dreadfully misguided belief that the much lauded 'Arab Spring' could/would bring democracy to a part of the world that has shown, over and over, that it will NEVER be fit or able to live under our moderate, liberal democratic values which has helped to bring about the evil of IS. Yes, our elites ARE ultimately responsible for the recent horrors that has befallen that part of Africa and the Middle East - thank God Cameron didn't get his way when he wanted to bomb Syria.

I'm not saying that the rulers of that part of the world: Gaddafi, Saddam or Assad are/were good people, they were/are not and they did terrible things, but whichever way you look at it, things were better under their control than ever they could be under IS. Sometimes it really is better the devil you know. Oh yes, Mr. Cameron, you sir have buckets of innocent blood on your hands. I make no wonder swathes of our politicians  were stunned into silence over the weekend and unsure how to handle the situation. The reason being is that these migrants and their horrible deaths represent the very embodiment of their tragic and utterly misguided actions. I would further argue that they were slow to respond because they genuinely don't know what to do to make things right in those parts of the world, now that their feeble and insufficient military interventions have failed and created far more problems. In modern times the problem with all our military exploits has come about because there simply hasn't been enough thought give to the post-war stage. We have attempted to install 'friendly' governments and structures - such as in Afghanistan and Iraq - which won't work because of the deeply fundamentalist natures of the tribal systems. Again, I've said this many times but our version of democracy can't and won't ever be achievable in those parts of the world because their whole culture, history and societal make-up is the very antithesis of democracy. That's why it has failed so spectacularly in Iraq and Libya and I believe is on the points of failing in Afghanistan.
In reality, it would have been far better if America and to a much lesser extent ourselves, had reverted back to and adopted England's model of colonialism. If they'd realised that once military action was over, they were going to have to be there for at least 50-70 years and set up full colonial administrations, systems and governments; I honestly believe that would have avoided a great number of the problems we have seen in recent decades. The problem with our modern, short-term intervention approach is that it usually leaves one hell of a vacuum, coupled with those basically pre-feudal, fundamentalist, tribal structures it is recipe for unimaginable disaster.

So what should be done with these stranded migrants? This is a really tough question because ultimately we are responsible, in large part, for the troubles that are raging through that part of northern Africa and the Middle East. I hope to goodness I never find myself in that situation, because in that eventuality I would hope that another country would be kind enough to take me in. Having said that, my gut reaction is to treat them at sea the best we can and then send them back. That is not an easy decision and I say that with a sad and heavy heart. However, as awful as their situation is, there is probably a good chance that amongst those migrants is a number of purely economic migrants and quite possibly a number of sleeper IS spies/terrorists. Furthermore, if we go soft and take in one boatload now, then in the near future countless more will try the same again and again, until we'll be swamped. Today Paul Abbott, the Aussie PM, has urged Europe to do what they do and turn back refugee boats. They have a zero tolerance approach to migrants who try to enter their country. From what I have read this hard and tough stance does seem to work and it stops many would be illegal migrants trying to get to Aus. It must be nice to live in a country where the politicians have balls and are not afraid of putting their own people first. At the end of the day we can't save the world. Yes, we may have caused this but we and the rest of Europe can't take in masses of migrants. The more we take in the more we will be viewed as soft and also the greater the chances of being infiltrated by terrorists. This is another reason why over the last few weeks/months I have become so incredibly angry with our pathetic government for allowing back people who left this country to join or try and join IS. They should NEVER be allowed back. You've made your bed now lay in it. Ok, many of them have come back with absolute horror stories of depravity and barbaric cruelty beyond imagination, but how do we know they are not agents of IS who have concocted all this stuff? We don't.

I make no apologies for taking such a hard-line view. If you hated this country so much that you were willing to go off and join a group so inhumane and who detest and hate everything we stand for and want to bring the same around the western world, why the fuck should we take you back? In my opinion anyone who is blinded enough to go and do something like that, when the horror of what awaits them is very well documented, then they can happily go and die for all I care. They deserve everything they get for being so stupid. I have zero sympathy. Also, I would bet money that allowing these people back into our country will eventually prove to be a massive mistake. (Please let me be proved wrong on that.) I just have a horrible feeling that we are walking into a HUGE trap by doing this. Again, bleeding heart, PC liberals have been spouting crap in the media about how we need to let them back and give them a second chance. Am I the only one who hopes that if this does prove to have been a trap, that the people who get taken out first are these same do-gooders with their bleeding heart views?

I'm supporting UKIP.
As many long time readers of this blog will remember, I am a huge supporter of UKIP. I think they are a breath of fresh air in a very stale political system. Yes, I know they are not perfect and their supporters/activists sometimes make huge gaffes and come out with some views that I don't agree with (although sometimes I do.) However, that just shows that they are real. They are not made up of 'on message' sheep, who are so disconnected from the real world that real people can't relate to them. I find their gaffes and there unrehearsed and sometimes clumsy approach endearing. After decades of polished, spin and evading of questions I love their honesty. I particularly back their policies on leaving the EU, immigration control and more specifically on Education, as they are the only party who champion the virtues of bringing back selection by ability.

The three main parties have all sold this country down the river. They are all wedded to the increasingly dangerous federalist super state dream of Europe. They are all indoctrinated with this evil progressive, liberal, PC dogma that has allowed ethnic minorities to get away with abusing young girls and unrestricted mass immigration from the EU and the Middle East, which has made large sections of certain cities no go areas for white Brits. For that I lay the blame firmly at Labour's door. God help us if they get elected again in May; we've already had umpteen glimpses of their 'big state' socialist driven, controlling hell that awaits us should people be stupid enough to vote for them. I find it so incredibly hard to understand how people can have such short memories of what we ended up with after 13 years of that quasi-socialist rabble. By 2010 they had all but bankrupted the country, everything was controlled by meaningless targets, data and quangos. The PC brigade had pretty much made every form of free speech a crime and we were ruled by an ideology that thought the state new best. Not to mention all the taxes and borrowing and back door privatisation of both the NHS and education through the use of PFI. Gordoom Clown and his cabinet (some of whom are still very much in charge with Milliband, Ed Balls for chancellor, anyone.....SHUDDER!) were the most hated and despised political leaders we'd virtually ever had. And yet the sheeple of this country still seem set to vote them back in to finish off the job. It beggers belief!

I know UKIP won't win, I'm not as delusional as some supporters who comment on the Express stories. Our FPTP system will make sure of that. However, I suspect they will do better than expected and win a number of seats up and down the country. Then, I hope we will begin to see some real choice in our politics with a party who isn't afraid to tell it like it is and offend some people. A party for the people who believes in its people and wants to but their values and culture first. The biased BBC really will have a problem then; all their wet end lefties must be crapping themselves. Although, actually, knowing how the left think as well as I do, they are usually insulated by their self righteous sense of always being right. I hope all that is going to change on May 8th.
Best of luck UKIP, kick some arse and say it like it is!

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