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Monday, 8 June 2015

The realisation of the con job Cameron pulled on the British sheeple has just hit home.

I have to admit I've been laughing myself silly over the last couple of weeks at how disgusted people are with how much back peddling David Cameron has done since winning the election. Just one month in and he has already gone back on his word about getting rid of/reforming the Human Rights act; then, just today, threatening his ministers to vote with him on accepting ANY new EU deal or resign.

Dear sheeple, who believed all the negative GE campaigning and swallowed all the rubbish and over exaggerated promises made, TOLD YOU SO! Not that that actually helps the country now. We are all stuck with this cretin and his weak and pathetic government. I must admit, the morning after the election I have rarely felt such anger and bitterness towards my fellow countrymen (UKIP voters excluded). We had the perfect chance to change things and to take the country in a new more positive 'common sense' direction, but, as usual, we caved in and bottled it. That is the one HUGE flaw in our cultural make-up. Our stoic, stiff upper lip, don't take a chance mentality has stopped us time and time again from breaking free of the shackles that have held us captive since the war. It's exactly the same mentality that keeps abused wives/girlfriends going back to their abuser, just so they can give them 'one more chance'. The results are always the same, more abuse, more suffering and hardship. As far as I'm concerned the only true saying in politics is this one: 'The people always get the politicians and the governments they deserve.'

For those of you who are wise enough to read Peter Hitchens' column in the Mail On Sunday, he had been saying for months (actually years) that the Conservatives weren't real Conservatives anymore and that Cameron as the 'heir to Blair' was exactly that, a wet, liberal progressive who whole heartedly agreed with Blair's policies and political direction. Mr. Hitchens also correctly pointed out that all the pledges and fanciful promises made before the election were done precisely because the Tories never expected to win an outright majority - indeed, they probably didn't expect to win at all. The look of shock and dumbfounded surprise on the faces of Dave and Gideon the morning after told the real story.

The thing which has REALLY made me laugh though, was talking to some true die hard Torries, pre election, who firmly believd that Dave couldn't enact true Conservative policies because he was shackled to the Libdems. However, with this ultimatum today, he has once and for all shown his true liberal progressive colours and completely killed any possible doubt that he has any real Conservative leanings. I just know that the Conservative supporters I spoke to previously, will be spitting feathers and asking for blood pressure pills today. Oh there are non so blind as them who will not see.

Also, regarding Cameron's promise to get Britain a better deal and repatriate powers back from the EU. As I have said many times, he can't do that. The fundamental law of the EU is Acquis Communautaire, which clearly states that once powers, control and sovereignty has been handed over to the EU, that can't be handed back, renegotiated or repatriated unless the member state enacts article 50 of the treats and completely leaves the EU. Also, with the considerable and fundamentally deep rooted changes Cameron is seeking from the EU; it would require ALL members sates to vote on them and accept them. That would be like turkeys voting to have three Christmases a year - will NEVER happen. Therefore, all of the waffle coming from Cameron is pure spin and bullshit. In any case, Cameron is so pro EU there is absolutely NO WAY he wants us to leave. Any little bits he can get (which will be meaningless) from the EU will be lauded as a HUGE victory and spun as a great deal for Britain and then his party will be forced to accept that and fight tooth and nail to keep us shackled to another (even more powerful) abuser.

I just pray that after being so badly screwed in only a month, the sheeple of this pathetic island will for once vote NO in the referendum and get us out of the stinking, undemocratic, federalist, shit-pit that is the EU.
You've been fooled once, DON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN!

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