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Monday, 27 April 2015

Labour's Education Minister wants to re-educate you.....Be Afraid!

As the Election lumbers on with only a few days to go; I was watching the Daily Politics election debates on education the other day. The first thing that struck me was again how biased the BBC's  Andrew Neil was when it came to giving air time and space to talk to the party representatives. Both UKIP and The Greens were basically pushed to the sidelines, whilst the other 3 parties were given loads of time to prattle on with basically the same policies. To be bluntly honest I can't really remember what the Lib/Lab/Cons were wittering about because it's essentially the same crap they have been spouting for decades. I was particularly scared when Labour's education representative, Mr. Hunt said (albeit tongue-in-cheek to Andrew Neil) "Labour will re-educate you, Andrew." Shudder! We had 13 years of Labour's vision of Education, Education, Education and it was a hollow, data driven, politically dogmatic indoctrination of our young people.

As I have made very clear in other blog posts, I am a supporter of UKIP. I think they represent real and genuine positive change for this country. They (at least for the moment) don't come across as a slightly red or blue shade of vanilla. They tell things how they are and they are saying the things that lots of my friends, family, and England in general, have been saying for a LONG time. Granted, to the progressive, leftie-liberal, PC brigade they may sound racist and an anathema to their multi-cultural, morally relativist, utopian and metropolitan wet dream. However, these are the people who have insulated themselves from the harsh realities of life in modern Britain. These wet-ends are not the ones who have had to watch their cities change completely as more immigrants swamp them, making things incredibly difficult for a village, town or city's infrastructure and essential services to cope with. I am always aware of the words of Andrew Neather, advisor to Tony Blair, who published memos several years ago, which clearly showed that Labour deliberately and callously threw open the doors to uncontrolled mass immigration because they wanted to change the cultural and societal landscape of this country; in order to simply 'rub the right's nose in diversity and make their arguments redundant.' For that betrayal alone, Labour and their warped, failed ideology and corrupt dogma should NEVER be given the keys to Number 10.

However, I digress.

As a now ex teacher/lecturer I have seen firsthand the incredible damage that both Labour and the Conservatives have done to our education system, with their stupid fantasies about the benefits of an egalitarian one size fits all approach. To my mind, their dangerous meddling and inability to see that the comprehensive model of education simply does not work, is essentially child abuse. They have stolen opportunities and chances from generations of children, whose parents can't afford to send their kids to private schools, or move house to get into the catchment areas of good schools. Ask yourselves this question: If their education policies have worked so well and improved the lives of children for generations, why do politicians virtually always send their kids to private schools instead of even the good/outstanding comprehensive schools in their own constituency? Indeed, as was waspishly pointed out by Andrew Neil, all three representatives of Lib/Lab/Con in this debate had been privately educated and gone to top universities. They waffled some meaningless guff about this and moved on quickly. Often you have to look at what these idiots don't say, or how they act in tricky situations to get a real picture of where they are coming from, rather than the vague, wordy, spun out 'on message' drivel they come out with.

The answer is simple. Politicians know full well that the education available for the masses of this country is fucking shit. It has been dumb down and raped of practically any worth. Schools don't really teach children anything nowadays, at least not in the way that we think of teaching. All they do is put kids on an assembly line in a great exam factory, fill them full of things they need to pass exams and make sure that the school can get an acceptable A-C pass rate and have great looking data for Ofstead and league tables. God help any child if they are not academic and not able to contribute towards those A-C grades. My job for four years was working with pupils like that who weren't academically inclined and who struggled like crazy with reading and writing and so couldn't engage with the narrow and biased curriculum. On a practical level, they could have run rings round me when it came to sports or trade based work. However, those things are frowned upon in this country and are treated like the bastard child of education. Consequently, there is so little provision available for students like that. In my experience, it is only when they get to year 10, have been totally turned off by school, got a reputation for disrupting lessons (because they are so bored with academic stuff and can't understand it) that they are begrudgingly found a place at a local F.E college and allowed to go and do trade subjects. Where, lo and behold, they flourish and end up doing really well.

This has been our problem since the 60s, when schools were hijacked by trendy leftie progressives with their idiotic views about how humans and societies were basically a collective and stopped seeing humans as individuals with different skills, abilities and needs. And began promoting the need for a completely comprehensive model of education. Actually, to be fair, Marx himself realised this and knew that society wasn't totally collective. However, this piece of common sense is largely ignored and frowned upon by Frankfurt school, 'Common Purpose' idiots.

Therefore, as a result of our own snobby ignorance and a refusal to accept that different types of learners require different types of schools and education, we have condemned scores of highly practical children to five wasted years of torture, wasting their talents and abilities and just for an added bit of fun, made them feel useless, pathetic, thick and worthless. Great job.

Furthermore, when there are deep, vested interests, these powers that be will cling onto their failed, corrupt and broken ideologies/systems and fight to protect them. The way they do that now is by using meaningless stats and data about pass rates in G.C.S.E exams to back up their claims that we have one of the best education systems in the world. They will tell you how the exam success shows that our young people are getting a great education and that they are able to compete with children all over the world....Trust me, they are not and they can't!

Mind you anyone with some common sense can see the reality is not like that at all. We get countless stories from employers who say that when they try and take our young people on, they can hardly read, write or use basic maths skills. They complain, that our young people don't have a depth of knowledge or a good enough understanding of skills to function in most workplaces. As I mention above, this is because in schools we rarely teach children these skills or equip them with the required knowledge because 90% of the focus is simply on passing worthless, dumb down exams. It is a disgrace.

This is why I support UKIP because they are the only party with the balls to want to smash through all this progressive bullshit and want to bring back selection by ability and want to challenge our snobby belief that only academic qualifications count. They are following Germany's approach to education. In Germany (I know this because I have friends who teach over there) they have basically always believed that different types of learners need different schools and that selection by ability is the best way to bring out the abilities of their young people. However, unlike us and our pompous bias towards academic subjects at the cost of vocational trades - which is what created a very unfair and unbalanced two tier education system in this country from the 1940s until the 70s - Germany spends vast sums of money ensuring that all types of education and schools get the best equipment, teachers and facilities. That is the vital difference. It is this ethos that UKIP are seeking to copy and I know that if they succeed it will improve the education system in this country beyond belief.

That is the key reason that I support UKIP. They are the only party, who have a genuine idea how to improve the education for our young people. Selection by ability and having different school for different children is the best way to improve things. The other three parties hate this idea and won't even consider it. However, just remember that although they are happy for things to stay the same and for your children to attend crappy schools, if you don't happen to live in a good catchment area. They have the money and the connections to get their children into the best schools in the country. That is the worst kind of hypocrisy and I hate them for it. They are scum!


TonyF said...

Hi CC! I have to say i do agree with you on most of what you have written here. Sadly I feel that with the current voting system, a vote for UKIP will be in effect a vote for Labour. And if those clowns get back in power again....

cheeky chappy said...

Hi Tony, I hope you are well my friend. Yes, I understand your thinking and perhaps at the last election I would have felt the same. However, I think the tide has turned enough for people to realise that if you vote ukip, you will get ukip.

Also, it is important that we understand that the two in one party will never be broken, unless we are brave and take a chance and vote for another party.

I do know what you're saying. However, I don't think there is really ANY difference between red and blue Labour. After all Cameron was proud to call himself the 'heir to Blair' and his progressive, pro EU policies are no better than Labours.

Be brave my friend, if you are thinking of voting UKIP, take that chance to change things. I honestly think the time has come when we have a real chance of changing things in Westminster. Be brave! :)