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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Stop being so apathetic and letting this government screw over the most vulnerable in our society. WAKE UP!

The ONLY true saying in politics that I've ever heard is the one that says: 'The people get the politicians and the Governments they deserve.'

I've been in two minds about writing this post because over the last 6 months or so I've found myself becoming more and more depressed with the state that our country finds itself in. I've been caught up in the frame of mind that screams " What FING good does it do!" However, over the past two months I've found myself becoming so incredibly angry that I feel I must write, I must speak out and I must do my best to get people thinking.

For me, as I've said many times on this blog; our collective sense of apathy and that misplaced stoic, stiff-upper-lip don't rock the boat mentality is killing us. It might work great in war time, but for everything else it makes us easy targets for being screwed. We are increasingly becoming our own willing, compliant prisoners in a vile and heartless political game of divide and conquer.  The two major issues that have arisen recently have been the NHS doctors strikes and last week's shocking and purely evil attack on disabled people. As much as I blame and hate the politicians and MSM for lying to us and deliberately manipulating us, my anger is increasingly turning to the people of this country for being such stupid, willing sheep. WAKE THE HELL UP!

Tomorrow is Budget day, when Gideon will stand in the commons and lie to us about how well the economy is doing, how strong it is, how well he has done as chancellor. In fact, the truth is he has MISSED every single one of his fiscal targets for the last 6 years. NOT ONE OF THEM HAS HE COME CLOSE TO ACHIEVING. We have the lowest growth in terms of productivity and wages since records began. Yet he and his governmental pals have allowed endless tax breaks for the super wealthy, have allowed all MPs a 10% rise, whilst the average worker has had to endure a 1% wage increase for the last 6 years (which given the cost of living and inflation has really meant a significant wage decrease). Gideon, has done shady, back-door deals with companies like Google so they can work out how much tax they'd like to pay back, instead of paying back the billions they actually owe. Incidentally, several of Google's big wigs also hold crucial advisory roles within this Conservative government. Furthermore, Gideon and his child were flown out to the recent Super Bowl (all allegedly paid for by Google) only a couple of days after this incredible deal was made - which was then spun every which was as a resounding success for the chancellor and HMRC. What a load of bullshit.

Added to which, we are told to prepare tomorrow for even more cuts to vital public services. Ask yourselves this. If our economy is doing so well, why the hell do we need even more austerity, more food banks and cuts to things which most of us badly need, whilst the Tory toffs and their mates get  a whopping 10% pay rise and tax breaks? Again, I urge people TO WAKE UP!
Although, perhaps the most disgusting recent attack was the £30 cut to disabled benefits by Mr. Ian Duncan Smith and his department (which was stealthily rushed through parliament using a little known clause that allows MPs to vote things through without the approval of the Lords). Again, incidentally, this was voted for by ALL Conservative MPs. A government that can attack and make things worse for the most vulnerable and sick in our society has shown how heartless and corrupt it really is. Yet, perhaps the most shocking aspect of all this is the disgusting sense of apathy by the British people. We are letting this shit happen to us!
It is well past time this country mobilised as a collective force, took to the streets and called a mass general strike to force the government to back down. How much more will it take before this pathetic country says ENOUGH?!

I'm reminded of the poem (though I can't remember the name or the author) which talks about how someone didn't say anything when they came for the sick, the old, this group, that group, until one day the government came for them, but then there was nobody left to protest. (if somebody knows which one I'm referring to please drop a note in the comments).

As I have noted many times in this blog, it is all very well moaning about austerity and the wicked government in the pub or on message boards, comment sections, but until those of us who can, get up off our backsides and take direct and sustained action, nothing will change. As the quote goes: 'All that is needed for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.'

As a disabled person myself, I am very limited in what I can do and I do see the irony perhaps about venting my anger on a blog, instead of going out there and fighting when that is what I'm encouraging others to do. However, I feel I have a very valid excuse (and in my youth when I was able I did take part in a couple of protests).
t is high time we put aside our apathy and started to fight and challenge the government. We are many in number, they are few. If we work together collectively, they would have to back down. However, it won't happen until we wake up, stop being so typically British and start giving a damn about ourselves and our country as a whole. I fear time is fast running out when we won't be able to stop this. It is time to say ENOUGH!


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