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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Jeremy Corbyn is Ned Stark in Game Of Westminster.

The disgusting, fabricated anti-Semitism row that has engulfed Labour over the past week is, I fear, the start of a putsch against Jeremy Corbyn. I'm not going to get into the details of the row, except to say that I broadly agree with Ken Livingstone and the other Labour MP about the evils of the Israeli, Zionist elite.  Now, as my readers will know, I'm no supporter of Labour, but I do feel that JC is  for all his faults - and there are many - an honest and decent politician, at least as honest and decent as a politician can be. I think he is principled and believes in traditional Labour ideas. That is probably why the many Blairites who still haunt the party can't stand him and want him out. They are arguably still reeling from the fact that one of their own didn't get the leaders job last year and the pesky grass-roots supporters used democracy to put someone in power that they wanted. Imagine that, the Labour party, the supposed party of the working man allowing its members to have a direct say in the running of the party. Good grief! Arguably, that was what really pissed the Blairites off. That was the whole problem with Blairism; it was complete style over substance and was about as far removed from democracy as you could feasibly get without going over the threshold into complete totalitarianism. Although some, like me, would argue that it was completely totalitarian in nature and ideology. But I digress, slightly.

Anyway, this manufactured row is nothing but the warning shots being fired at JC. It is the first salvo in the battle to have him removed. I would bet good money that if Labour don't make significant gains in this month's local elections, the Blairities will use that as the excuse they need to oust their leader. Now, historically, Labour are far more tolerant of their leader than say the Tories, who can organise a coup very easily if need be. However, after the disaster that was Milliband and now Corbyn, the disgruntled factions within the party will be looking for any and every excuse they can find to kick him out. In this respect I've always thought of JC as a bit like Ned Stark from GOT. Honest, principled and loyal, but rather weak and out of his depth and totally unprepared to play the Game of Westminster. Granted he was a very militant back-bencher and often voted against his own party, specifically under Blair, but that was ill training for the role he now finds himself in. Much as Ned did himself when he moved to Kings Landing. I just wonder which member of the Labour party will take the role of Joffrey and order Corbyn's head removed. Tragically, there are far too many traitors to choose from.

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