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Monday, 6 June 2016

A couple of recent points that have annoyed me about the silly people who intend to vote for us to stay in the EU

As the vitally important EU referendum approaches (I've already filled in my postal ballot with a X next to Leave) mud is being slung by both camps. However, there are a couple of points that I have been getting incredibly annoyed with.

First, I have several friends who work or worked for the NHS and all will vote Remain. This to me is total crazy. If we vote to remain later this month, the EU WILL sledgehammer TTIP through and that WILL kill off the NHS for good, as it will be swamped with American private healthcare insurance and business. We won't be able to stop that and I would argue within 5-10 years, we will have insurance based healthcare - shudder!

The fact remains that if we vote leave, we give ourselves a VERY SMALL chance of being able to fend off TTIP, if enough of this apathetic country finally wakes the hell up and gets off its backside and forces the Government to back down. Now, I realise that is asking a HUGE amount given our stiff-upper-lip, don't rock the boat mentality and our astounding lack or willingness to take direct action against our governments who continually shit all over us. However, I'm hopeful that for something like this, our country might finally get off its bum and fight back. We have done recently with the suggested and vile attempted attacks on disabled people and their benefits. The government were forced to back down over that issue.  Although, if it came to having to fight both our own government and the faceless, totalitarian behemoth that is the EU, I just know this pathetic country wouldn't have the stomach for it. It is one thing to stand up to your own government; it is asking WAY too much to expect us to fight two HUGE battles. I hope people can understand what I'm saying here.

This is why I'm totally infuriated with my friends misguided belief that it is better to remain within the corrupt, totalitarian EU, than stand on our own to protect our amazing NHS. It makes me want to scream. They rightly love the NHS, get so angry with Jeremy Hunt for all the crap he's caused, but yet they still will vote to remain. I just don't understand their thinking. I make no wonder Hunt is telling us to remain, because then when the EU does force through TTIP and destroys the NHS, he'll be able to sit back and say there was nothing he could do. It was an EU order that we let in all these American private healthcare companies to take over the NHS. It's win/win for him.

The second thing that has annoyed me is the attacks on Farage for saying that if we remain in the EU and are forced to take in a load of migrants from Syria, Algeria et al; there is a strong chance that we COULD (and that was the wording he used) see the same kind of sex attacks as we saw in Cologne. He is absolutely right to point that out. He's NOT saying it WILL happen, but that it could happen, there is a huge difference. That is not scaremongering, that is simply being honest. I'm not saying for one moment that all male migrants are vile sex attackers (of course they're not) I'm sure most of them are kind, gentle and decent people, who only want a better life. However, the fact remains that if (and it is a big if) we do have to take in migrants from that part of Africa/Middle East we ARE taking in people whose attitude towards women (though again let me stress that this not the case for all the people from those places) is, in large part, vastly inferior to our own. Therefore, it COULD lead to the same kind of issues that other European countries have increasingly experienced since the migrant crisis started.

I've voted to Leave and I hope Britain sees the light and does the same. I really do.


TonyF said...

Hi CC!

Hope you are well. The sooner we are out of this toxic eu mess the better. I reckon if we do get out, Spain and Italy may follow too..

cheeky chappy said...

Hiya, Tony. Long time no speak. Yes, I'm very well my friend. I agree 100% with that. If we leave (please dear God, let it happen) I think the whole of the EU will crumble. Having said that, it could also be a reason why the vote may well be rigged. :(

TonyF said...

Glad you are Ok. I don't think it'll be rigged so much as ignored. There will be loads of crap excuses as to why an exit cannot be implemented. That arsehole kinnock has already said that.